This charcoal sketch by artist Bob Metropulos, Jr. was the first step in creating his fabled art masterpiece, "Shore Lunch With the Guides". It is considered a classic.
The sketch itself is considered a masterpiece and was recently purchased by the owner of Headwaters in Boulder Junction.

It will be displayed as a tribute to all the great guides of the Northwoods-past and present!

Bob Metropulos Jr. of Minoqua is one of the most detailed artists in the Northwoods.
Terry Freund, owner of Headwaters Restaurant & Tavern since 1996 in Boulder Junction purchased the original charcoal sketch.
The majestic painting "Shore Lunch With the Guides" will now hang in a place of honor at Headwaters!

Take a bow, Headwaters, for honoring the great guiding tradition of the Northwoods, a priceless heritage!