As owner of Headwaters Restaurant and bar in Boulder Junction, Terry has brought his experience and knowledge from his past business in Plover Wisconsin, the "Sky Club", and brought it up into the heart of the Northwoods

Terry had owned a very successful restaurant in Plover. After many years, he decided to move up to his favorite vacation destination. 

He already owned Headwaters since 1996, yet he did not have the time to really put his full expertise towards his ultimate vision of the restaurant while still working full time in his Plover location. So, after long preparation Terry decided that his sons would take over at his Plover restaurant. 

This would allow Terry his undivided attention towards Headwaters. Terry has left no stone unturned when it comes to looking for ways to improve the Headwaters experience. 

His hands on approach dealing with every aspect of the restaurant is his trademark. That is what has made Terry such a successful restaurateur over the years. Dedication to excellence! Come, relax and enjoy the best restaurant in the Northwoods.